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Divorce & Legal Separation

Legal Separation & Divorce Attorney in Kitsap County, Mason County and Pierce County in Washington State

The Browning Law Office understands that divorce is sometimes the most constructive option for our clients to ensure the log-term security of their families and themselves as individuals. In legal separations and divorce, or dissolution of marriage cases, our goal as a firm is to help facilitate the most amicable possible resolution for our clients, through settlement or trial.

Children and Divorce

Divorce Lawyer in Kitsap County, Children in Divorce, DivorceAttorney Allen Browning is especially mindful of minimizing any negative impact the divorce or separation and involvement with the legal system may have on children or divorcing parents.  Children are never at fault in divorce and our office works diligently to ensure that the rights of children are respected and their needs honored to the fullest extent possible.

Divorce Attorney Allen Browning

Divorce Attorney Allen Browning has a proven record of helping his clients resolve matters of divorce without the necessity of going to trial, which can be very costly in terms of both finances and the emotional toll court trials often entail. Mr. Browning can assist you with legal separation and divorce matters in Kitsap County, Mason County and Pierce County in Washington State.

Legal Separation and Divorce Proceedings

The Amicable Divorce

In some cases, both spouses are agreed upon the need to separate or dissolve a marriage. The relationship between the two parties is calm and reasonable. In these cases matters can frequently be resolved amicably. Mr. Browning can provide you with the legal counsel and services required to handle your amicable dissolution with minimal or no in-court proceedings.


There is a notion that trial at court is a noble battleground. While this may be true in some cases, in divorce it can frequently mean a very expensive breakdown of communication early on in the separation and dissolution process. 99% of divorces are settled without trial. By settling divorce matters amicably before trial, both parties are likely to save many thousands of dollars and countless hours of emotional stress. Attorney Allen Browning has a proven record of facilitating ethical, responsible and favorable settlements for his clients in dissolution of marriage matters.

The Complex Divorce

In legal separation and dissolution of marriage proceedings where children, complex financial issues and non-communicative parties are involved settlement may still be a constructive option; however, these types of cases are more likely to require trial services than an amicable divorce. Even if a settlement can be reached prior to trial, the legal processes for effective resolution are prohibitively detailed and both parties should retain legal counsel. Divorce Attorney Allen Browning has been representing clients in divorce proceedings since 2008 and has repeatedly proven his effectiveness in managing these complex legal processes.

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