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Determination of maintenance has significant impact on the future finances of either party in a dissolution. The statutory law dealing with maintenance is fairly straightforward, but the case law has some nuances. But hiring an attorney to handle this is likely worth the cost. (Read full article…)

Children and Relocation in Washington

Family lawyers in Kitsap County and other Washington jurisdictions frequently address the problem of a divorced parent with custody of the children wishing to move and take the children, and the other, non-custodial parent objecting.

This is a particularly contentious issue, especially when the non-custodial parent has regularly followed his or her visitation schedule, and has worked hard to maintain (Read full article…)

Parenting Plans – Why they are essential

The Parenting Plan is a court order signed by the judge and enforced by the power of the state. For a divorced or separated couple with children, a parenting plan is an absolute necessity. It is a schedule for the parents and an allotment of their respective rights and duties.

The benefits of the parenting plan, and the reason it is absolutely necessary, are that it creates what is in effect a court-enforced contract between the parents, delineating their rights with and duties to the children. That means one parent cannot capriciously change the arrangements unilaterally (Read full article…)